Tippi Hedren is a name synonymous with old Hollywood glamour and the prototype of an Alfred Hitchcock icy blonde muse. Still, before achieving superstardom as the lead female actress in Marnie and The Birds, Nathalie Kay "Tippi" Hedren has -unsurprisingly- been a successful fashion model. Now, over fifty years later, the iconic actress is celebrating her modeling roots by becoming the face of Gucci’s latest timepieces and jewelry campaign.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele is the face behind the conceptualization of the campaign. Titled The Fortune Teller, it includes a series of print images and a short video lensed by photographer and director Colin Dodgson. Directed to take place in a rather dodgy psychic storefront in LA, Hedren is portraying the shabby- chic psychic who gives palm readings to a quartet of campaign models that visit her(played by Victoria Schons, Emily Unkles, Tom Atton Moore and Tex Santos-Shaw). The campaign offers elaborate close-ups to some of the most intricate new jewelry pieces from Gucci- the Gucci Ouroboros, GG Running and Le Marché des Merveilles fine jewelry collections amongst others

Conceived less like an ad campaign and more like a short film, the video was the ideal comeback for Hedren, who has been voluntarily away from the spotlight and devoted to her charity work in LA. “I love the fact that it told a story and I was able to play a character,” she says. “It is sometimes easier to put yourself in a role, especially when you are an actress, than play yourself.” Intrigued by the Gucci invitation, Hedren applauded their innovative view and creativity-and consented to a rare fashion appearance. “Rarely do companies of any kind approach older actors to appear in such a high-profile campaign,” she notes. “I applaud Gucci for the creativeness and especially for thinking of me! I appreciated the offer.”