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Reinventing what we know as fashion today, Yves Saint Laurent was a revolutionary pioneer of “the pantsuit,” empowering women in the 60’s and creating the era of modern women in the fashion industry. Introducing Le Smoking, the first tuxedo suit for women, in 1966, Saint Laurent also presented iconic art-inspired creations, from Mondrian dresses to precious Van Gogh embroidery and the famous Ballets Russes collection. Journeying through 40 years and over 80 collections, the publication opens with a concise history of the house, followed by a brief biographical profile of Yves Saint Laurent.

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The awards season had been an illustrious one and has finally reached its pinnacle with the Academy Awards night on Sunday night–and its memorable red carpet looks. Oscars have long been the ideal place for celebrities to make a subtle yet powerful fashion statement, and this season was no exception. This time A-listers opted for safe colors such as black and white, classy metallics and a few daring flashes of color in rather conventional silhouettes. Still, Oscar’s night is always something memorable to watch and the perfect fashion field for female celebrities to shine. From Scarlet Johansson in Oscar de la Renta to Florence Pugh in Louis Vuitton, here are the best-dressed celebrities of these season’s awards.

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