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  • Written by Ysatis Rios Sabat


Warm skies set behind the Los Angeles skyline as guests came together to witness Versace's Fall/Winter Fashion 2023 show. The runway, secluded from the rest of the city, gave way to a joint Women's and Men's collection that highlighted the fashion brand's signature cuts and unique structure.

Expressed as an appreciation for the "body" at the heart of Versace's designs, the runway show gave viewers apparel options for all aspects of life — ranging from high-fashion to everyday looks.

Versace defined the looks as "ready-to-wear" clothing. The collection pulled inspiration from its previous work in The Medusa '95 hardware—a 1995 Atelier Versace campaign starring Madonna— and its Spring-Summer 1993 collection.

An ode to the early 90s, the runway opened up with model Gigi Hadid wearing an all-black two-piece suit tailored with strong padded shoulders and leather gloves. Hadid's walk is showcased through bright lights and a structured waistline, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Amongst the classic dark looks, hints of color appeared on models like Camille Chifflot and Lulu Wood. Wood’s wore a coral mid-thigh dress with a matching purse and chunky silver accessories. The sudden switch in colors resulted in a visually captivating runway show.

The men showcased similar design choices, as they sported multi-colored leather and layered suits with varying textures. The designs captured the core of formal street style, with models wearing traditional suit pieces and casual footwear.

Versace’s L.A. show took place days after fashion month wrapped in Paris. Contrary to its usual location in Milan, the designer chose Los Angeles likely as an embodiment of Versace’s house and its undeniable connection to stars like Dua Lipa, Anne Hathaway, Elton John, and Pamela Anderson —who attended the show.

“This is a celebration of our craftsmanship and understanding of true luxury to create a wardrobe for the innovators and changers of the world and the people who champion them,” Donatella Versace said in her show notes.

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