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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


It was Peter Hawkings' first show. The whole room stood still while witnessing the new era of the iconic New York brand, Tom Ford. It was weird not seeing Tom Ford as the head of his eponymous brand; it was hard to imagine what Tom Ford would be without Tom Ford. The designer has known how to shake the industry since he reigned at Gucci. His provocative, yet glamorous style defined the aesthetics of the '90s, which followed him until the creation of his label.

Peter Hawkings decided to turn the page by revisiting Ford's iconic style and design prowess. From velvet pantsuits twisted with cheeky short-shorts to contoured silhouettes that accentuate the wearer's form, Hawkings emphasis highlighted the elegance of the body through impeccable fits. Presented during Milan Fashion Week, the show was a masterful display of elegance and sexiness, synonymous with the Tom Ford brand.

Inspired by Donyale Luna, the black supermodel who gained popularity in the 60s for her ethereal looks, this collection is for the woman who knows how to dress: she likes to have fun with it but appreciates well-tailored and well-made pieces. "Her wardrobe is a feat of sartorial precision, immaculate sophistication, and luxurious exclusive materials," according to the brand.

Departing from the oversized trend and employing fine tailoring, a vivid color palette, and metallic accents, the collection achieved a unisex silhouette. Blazers, tuxedos, trousers, and shirts turned the spotlight onto the craftsmanship and the sophistication of meticulously made garments. Tom Ford was a master of details himself, and Peter Hawking made sure to place this at the center of the collection. Silk, cotton, leather, wool, and velvet made the final cut, reflecting a sensually sleek aura and a sense of elegance.

The collection is an ode to Tom Ford's golden years and his genius approach to fashion, while introducing it to a new era and a new generation. With his first show, Hawkings presented sophisticated garments, infusing them with the magnetic allure that initially drew the audience into the world of Tom Ford.


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