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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


Chanel has announced Timothée Chalamet as the new ambassador for the iconic Bleu de Chanel fragrance, heralding a new era of beauty and redefining masculinity standards.

Following in the footsteps of the late French actor, Gaspard Uriel, the 27-year-old will assume the role as the face of Chanel's best-selling men's fragrance, solidifying his status as an international fashion icon. To launch this partnership, the brand has shared some clichès of the campaign on social media while declaring that “Timothée Chalamet embodies the man who is deeply himself. Willing to dive into the unknown in pursuit of a vision that takes him to new heights”. The Franco-American actor perfectly symbolizes Chanel's French heritage and its close ties with the United States, while embodying the evolving concept of modern manhood.

This collaboration with Chanel comes after Chalamet's remarkable appearances on the red carpet captivated the fashion industry. His fearless style challenges conventional masculine beauty standards and paves the way for a new definition of the "fashionable man." With his choice of vibrant-colored suits, floral prints, and backless tops, Chalamet's style is revolutionizing how we perceive male fashion and forging new paths for self-expression in the industry.

The young actor has been recognized as one of the most talented actors of his generation. Having Leonardo DiCaprio as a mentor can certainly help secure a spot in Hollywood; however, Chalamet has successfully carved out a name for himself through his roles in major blockbusters such as "Dune," "Little Women," and "Call Me by Your Name". His performance in the latter even earned him an Oscar nomination in the "Best Actor" category, becoming the third-youngest nominee in the category.

The video for Bleu de Chanel, directed by Martin Scorsese, is set to be released in the Fall. Additionally, the campaign photos, shot by Mario Sorrenti, are scheduled to be unveiled in June 2023.


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