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  • Written by Sophie Allie Mcgrail


This collection is a wonderful array of monochromatic colours coupled with deep rich colour pops throughout, all paired with decadent gold accessories that were made to stand out. The oversized puffer coats bring the dramatic, bold attitude to the collection, whereas the playful and daring pairing of separates offers a joyful, adventurous attitude to wardrobe staples. Overall, the collection creates a sense of disobedience and freedom where women can dare to wear pieces however they desire to assemble them, furthermore, connoting a sensual, scintillating and spontaneous outlook.

What binds this collection all together is Schiaparelli's long association with art and talented artists: its boldness, colour and process. More than any other Maison, Schiaparelli has always had a dialogue with art. One art form speaks to another and takes inspiration from other art forms. In this collection, each piece is in some way inspired by Elsa's time, mid-century, or our own artists. A woman's body was hand-painted with Lucian Freud-inspired brushstrokes, and this image was transferred to a stretch silk bodysuit, with every brushstroke rendered in shimmering sequins.

Sculptor Jack Witten's mirror mosaic work yields stretchy cardigans and broken mirror skirts. The leather cigarette case that adorns the ball gown skirt pays homage to Sarah Lucas, and the deep blue pebble-like beads and powder covering the various surfaces pay tribute not only to Yves Klein, We also pay tribute to Milo's illustrations for children. Elsewhere in the collection contains homages to Dali. An homage to Dali is a surreal sunrise that produces a variety of luminescent colour degradations, Matisse (not his work, but a palm leaf in the Hotel Regina, now a wonderful fake dressed in black long-haired lambskin). cloak), and a tribute to the white marble Venus incorporated into the winter white melton coat. Even the walls of Lucian Freud's London studio home inspired the dramatic chaos of painterly brushstrokes on oversized white laminate buffers. The collection is strongly inspired by creative pain and ecstasy, offering clothes that women will love for a lifetime.

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