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  • Written by Moe Wang


© Renaissance: a Film by Beyoncé

From an album to a tour, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” now takes on the form of a documentary. The new concert film and documentary Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé highlights the behind-the-scene moments of the journey of Beyoncé’s Renaissance world tour. From its inception and conception to Beyoncé’s hard work and creative mind, the film shows every work that was involved in putting on the superstar’s Renaissance world tour.


“Renaissance means a new beginning after all we’ve been through in the world,” says Beyoncé in a Vulture article. With the Renaissance tour also being a liberating experience for her, the tour movie shares a similar sense of freedom. It shows Beyoncé’s openness to give us a glimpse of her personal life as a mother, her work as a performer and businesswoman, the process of bringing the show to life as well as her challenges as a Black woman in the music industry.


“I feel like, being a Black woman, the way people communicate with me is different… Everything is a fight. It’s almost like a battle against your will,” says Beyoncé to the camera when the documentary touches on a moment of disagreement she faces with other predominantly male figures within her team. Behind the dazzling tour costumes and the flawless choreography of the music icon’s concert experience, the tense moments of disagreements and conflict are also spotlighted as the unglamorous process of the Renaissance show.


Written, produced, and directed by Beyoncé, the two-and-a-half-hour movie illuminates the four years of planning and dedication that it took to establish the Renaissance tour. The poster of the documentary features Beyoncé armored in the retro-futuristic, silver mirror-painted body suit as she stands under the showering royal blue light. The documentary film is a monument to spotlight Beyoncé’s milestone as one of the most influential pop figures as well as both the ups and downs that she experienced in getting there.


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