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  • Written by Eva Levy


Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2023 collection presented a wide range of looks which paid a beautiful homage to the brand's iconic heritage, while embracing the spirit of modernity. Each of them was impeccably elegant and sophisticated.

The show featured tailored blazers, crisp white shirts, and refined trousers, which contrasted with huge colorful gowns. The color palette ranges from soft pastels, creamy beiges, to vibrant summery colors.

Oversized silhouettes, wide-leg trousers, and flowing maxi dresses dominate the runway, exuding a relaxed yet elegant vibe. Accessories were centered with belts, oversized hats, colorful caps, and retro sunglasses completing the looks.

Ralph Lauren's Spring/Summer 2023 collection paid homage to different eras. The show displayed a coherent yet eclectic evolution, from country fashion to New York Sunday brunch and concluding with fun and colorful outfits.

Cuteness was also the center of the show, thank to little kids modeling in pairs with their older duo, holding hands and smiling brightly. There's actually a kid's collection this season, full of very bright colors and patterns such as the lumberjack shirt, which is also found on the grown-ups looks.

Overall, the show really went through different moods, covering different eras of the brand, and evolving towards a more "young and fun" style at the end of the show. Starting with a very creamy color palette and elegant silhouettes, transitioning to preppy tennis-style outfits, and closing with a rainbow of colorful outfits introducing the kid's collection. The show almost felt like a retrospective of what Ralph Lauren represented in fashion through the years, heading towards a new era.


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