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  • Written by Alexandra Sullivan


© H&M x Paco Rabanne

The house of Rabanne rose to prominence in the 60s when Spanish designer Paco Rabanne pushed the boundaries of fashion. His use of unconventional materials such as metal and plastic in his clothing contributed to the brand's luxury and divinity. In 2013, the brand was taken over by Julien Dossena, the house’s creative director, who reimagined the brand while still staying true to its roots.

The incorporation of futuristic elements in Rabanne’s designs and his love for the space-age style that makes the Rabanne brand so recognizable are being showcased through its newest collaboration with H&M. Announced at Paris Fashion Week, this visionary collaboration between Rabanne and H&M makes the brand's iconic looks accessible, bringing Rabanne to a new generation.

Dossena designed an exuberant party-ready collection with an array of womenswear, menswear and home decor. From iconic chain mail to ‘60s and ‘70s patterns, the collection honors the past and invents the future. The designer did not compromise any creativity when designing this collection. Every piece tells a story and has impeccable attention to detail. Each garment and accessory was intentionally curated to impress, from floor-length gowns to metallic sets.

For the first time, Rabanne designed home decor, delivering stainless-steel sleek pieces juxtaposed with bright patterns and mirrored discs. From playing cards to curtains, this collection has a little bit of everything and stays on brand with the fashion house and the aesthetic of the clothing in the collection.

The womenswear collection, which basically doubles the size of the menswear collection, features silk-like chain mail, including both a mesh-metal top and skirt with fringe and a gown with cascading sequin discs. Both silver and gold metallic accessories such as shoes, purses and scarves shine as well. Bold pieces such as fur coats and scarves speak to the eccentricity of the brand, as well as the selection of baroque-style pieces. A tailored military wool jacket with gold braided piping and buttons accented with bold red sections. Separately, matching tailored wool pants, embroidered with floral motifs. Several other pieces include mesh, lace and fur. The entire collection is a firework of texture, pattern and color.

The menswear collection includes lots of chain mail as well, adorned with sequin embellishments. It also includes much more sportswear created with the Rabanne logo. A leopard print scarf, shirt, sweater and beanie are featured, as well as a few disco-ready pieces that are sure to shimmer at any celebration. Two pairs of boots and a pair of slides carefully complement the styles of accompanying pieces in the collection.

The electric fashion house is looking forward while commemorating fan-favorite pieces from the house’s history, however, these pieces are available for considerably less than the originals, with prices ranging from $35 to $450 USD. This electric collection is available just in time for party season both online and in select H&M stores.


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