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  • Written by Haley Colton


The Oscars always shows extravagant parties and over-the-top fashion, Giorgio Armani's Store on Rodeo Drive hosted an exclusive event just for that, to honor their reopening. Nicole Kidman's Oscar nomination seemed only fitting as she is a long-time friend and muse of Roberta Armani. Kidman wore a stunning beaded top and black blazer pant set that looked very sophisticated, and the biggest surprise was that she was wearing flats. The glamourous assortment of fashion and celebrities that came together

To honor her and the re-opening of Armani was outstanding. Some recognizable attendees were Sophia Loren, Julian Morris, Glenn Powell, Barbara Palvin, Dylan Sprouse, Taylor Hill, and Maddie Ziegler. Another appearance was from Rege-Jean Page, an English actor most well known for his role on Bridgerton, wearing an all-black velvet suit. The cocktail party that led up to the Oscars was the "It" event that night, and the venue of the flaship store allowed the celebrities to take a closer look into the renovations that were done.

Giorgio Armani's store was first launched in the summer of 1988 as a tribute to the designer's love of Los Angeles and the entertainment business. Armani collaborated closely with the team of architects to make this space more modern and a great home to house his designs. This beautiful landmark remains a status symbol in society.

The store has a wide range of appareil, accessory, beauty items, and Armani's Casa collection. He kept aspects of its original roots but enhanced the interiors, inspired by his stores in Milan and Tokyo. The designer also launched a new exclusive collection for the re-opening of the store, an eveningwear collection for both men and women. The color pallet of the women's designs includes a beautiful "Armani Gold" (The Brand's signature), and the men's color pallet has a combination of navy and black. The collection will be on preview only at the Los Angeles location from mid-March until the end of April.


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