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  • Written by Ysatis Rios Sabat


The Italian luxury fashion house, Prada, is gearing up to make waves within the makeup industry for the first time ever with its newest collection, "Rethinking Beauty."

Unveiled on Aug. 1, the collection features over 20 lipsticks, six dimensional eyeshadow quads, their 'Reveal' foundation, 'Augmented Skin' skincare items, and over nine makeup tools for consumers. The line uses IRL (In-Real-Life)-micro-filter™ technology to ensure a breathable and versatile range of products.

With this collection, Prada aims to "rethink" beauty by bringing to life vibrancy, patterns, and eco-conscious packaging. Global Creative Makeup Artist for Prada Beauty, Lynsey Alexander, told ELLE UK that Prada's mission was to “bring to life the Prada archive" and "encapsulate it in a beauty product.”

"Rethinking Beauty" pulled inspiration from Prada’s extensive collection of over 27,000 prints, with its eyeshadow quads showcasing geometric shapes from its Holliday and Brown archive and designs from the mid-90s. Every item within the line showcases Prada's use of textiles and textures, bearing the distinctive imprint of the Prada logo.[1]

Alongside Alexander, digital artist Ines Alpha embarked on a journey to find a happy medium between what’s real and virtual within today’s beauty market. According to Alexander, the past three years of crafting the collection were a collaborative process. To better their products, Alpha would create a lipstick color digitally, while Alexander would do so physically, then they'd compare. "It brought a whole new dimension of creativity to the process and the collection," Alexander said.

Makeup enthusiasts will soon have the opportunity to purchase "Rethinking Beauty” online. For now, consumers can view the eco-friendly packaging and skin-conscious formulas through Prada's website.


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