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  • Written by Eva Levy


The FRAC MÉCA of Bordeaux is celebrating Pierre Molinier's body of work in an exhibition displayed up to the 17th of September 2023.

The emblematic French artist born in 1900 in Agen disrupted through his work, from photography to paintings, and created a moody and almost mystical atmosphere, featuring feminine silhouettes mingled with devilish creatures.

The exhibition "We are all liars", presented in Bordeaux since the 31st of March, and forbidden for those under 18 years old, gathers his work, as well as his inspirations archives and exclusive testimonies.

Molinier, who died in 1976, is still today an emblematic artist in the region of Bordeaux. The city didn't celebrate their "devil" right away though. The artist was identified as such because of his sometimes disturbing pieces, inspired by devilish creatures. Indeed, it was only in 2005 that the Bordeaux Beaux-Arts created an exhibit around his work, after the Pompidou Center in 1979, the Guggenheim Museum, and even the Tate Gallery.

His most famous piece is called " The Great Fight", an abstract and suggestive piece evoking a couple of women making love. The shapes blend with curious snake-like parts. We can guess voluptuous feminine shapes and long hair, mingling with this strange monster. In 1951, when it was presented at the Independent Bordelais Salon, this work was censored as it was considered shocking. Way later, in 1997, "The Great Fight" was sold for 120 000 francs.

Molinier's work is more than ever resonating with the modern world of art. Mystical, sordid, but also captivating. The artist is now, more than ever, celebrated as an emblematic personality from Bordeaux.


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