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  • Written by Norhan Zouak


French luxury brand Mugler and rapper Megan Thee Stallion are proving to be quite the duo as both of their collaborations were released earlier this month: Megan’s “Plan B” music video and Mugler’s Spring Summer 2022 film. Each video was produced and styled by the atelier’s creative director Casey Cadwallader, whose relationship with Megan is just beginning to bloom. The two first connected at the shoot on the set of the spring collection video, but neither were strangers to the other. In a joint interview with Vogue, Cadwallader admitted to being “a huge fan of Megan since the beginning” and called the collaboration “a dream come true.” The nine-and-a-half-minute feature moves through scenes with different themes, music, and settings—from a film set to a catwalk to a dark intersection with a car parked in the center. It opens with Megan and a line of other models dancing in cutout denim bodysuits. The title sequence closes as the camera frames a Mugler billboard with Megan atop a car with her hair flowing. The campaign features other big names like Bella Hadid and Chloe Sevigny. Last month, Megan wore a two-piece Mugler set that consisted of a gradient bra top and matching miniskirt to the Billboard Music Awards and a black, cutout leotard for her performance—both of which were custom-made for her. “It felt so good to be able to work with someone who understood and appreciated my body rather than trying to squeeze me into something,” said Megan of Casey’s designs. “That’s what makes it feel so special.” After their experience together shooting for the spring collection, Megan asked Cadwallader to produce the music video for “Plan B”, which was a first for the director. The song features Megan’s raw talent as a rapper, and with that: Cadwallader wanted her to be the sole center of attention sans any green screens or background dancers. As for the fashion, he wanted to celebrate her natural form, so “all of the looks are black and graphic with illusion panels in between” to create a type of “sexy and sculpted silhouette.” “In this industry, there’s only a handful of people where you have that kind of genuine connection,” said Megan, in regards to Cadwallader.


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