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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


Louis Vuitton unveils its highly anticipated Resort Collection 2024 against the picturesque scenery of Isola Bella, where he presented a mesmerizing and fashionable journey into the depths of water.

For his most recent cruise collection, Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director of Louis Vuitton Womenswear, took us to a small, opulently charming island, also known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, on the eastern coast of Sicily, and owned by the Borromeo family for over 500 years. Nestled atop Lake Maggiore, this enchanting island boasts a terraced garden surrounded by lush trees and vibrant vegetation, setting the stage for an outstanding fashion experience, and as a backdrop imposing high cliffs that stand out against turquoise and crystalline water.

Drawing inspiration from aquatic themes, Louis Vuitton's Resort Collection 2024 captures the essence of undersea glamour and mythical underwater fantasies. The collection weaves together the enchantment of fairy tales and the magic of watery surroundings, resulting in a range of garments that exude ethereal beauty and whimsical charm.

Among the looks presented, tank suits and neoprene ensembles exuded a contemporary vibe, while lavish courtly robes and mermaid-scale sequin skirts evoked a sense of regal allure. Brushed cashmere sweaters and sequined floral dresses added a touch of luxury, and long dresses and sumptuous brocades provide an air of timeless elegance.

Whimsical headpieces and draped dresses created ethereal silhouettes that seem to float beneath the water's surface, further enhancing the sense of fantasy. The collection showcases creative structures and loose forms, capturing a youthful and delicate aesthetic. Fabrics akin to scuba gear are used, merging different textures and incorporating embroidered lace, silk, georgette, organza, and pearls delicately adorning lace buttonholes to enhance the garments' luxurious feel.

Prints play a significant role in the Resort Collection, with elaborate patterns adorning the pieces. As for the colors, soft pastels mingle with deep blacks, creating a contrast that amplifies the collection's allure.

The presentation on Isola Bella was a gathering of extra-curated and exclusive A-list celebrities from around the world. Icons such as Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Catherine Deneuve, Cate Blanchett, Alicia Vikander, Emma Stone, Jaden Smith, and Phoebe Dynevor graced the island, adding to the grandeur of the event.

Ghesquière is no stranger to choosing magical places to showcase his collections. From Seoul to Palm Springs, all the way to Rio, Louis Vuitton has forged an international image by drawing inspiration from lavish and enchanting locations around the world, captivating its local clientele.


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