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  • Written by Ugne Giraityte


© Loewe

Presenting the Pre-Spring 2024 pre-collection campaign LOEWE unveils a kaleidoscopic portrayal of unique personalities, artfully composed into metapictures by Juergen Teller. The essence of Loewe’s campaign revolves around the artistic synergy between Jonathan Anderson and photographer Juergen Teller. Ever since assuming control of the brand in 2013, Jonathan Anderson has turned LOEWE from a less competitive division of the LVMH group into one of its most popular and sought-after labels, consistently earning top rankings on the Lyst Index.

Photographs mirroring the look of ripped paper undergo a metamorphosis into digital-native imagery. This underscores Anderson's talent for capturing the spirit of the times in his creative expressions, emblematic in this instance of a contemporary longing for physicality within our technology-driven existence.

The campaign derives its dynamic energy and vibrancy from an eclectic assemblage of gifted individuals hailing from diverse creative realms, spanning music, cinema, art, and the fashion industry. This illustrious ensemble includes notable luminaries such as Greta Lee, Maggie Smith, Dakota Fanning, Mike Faist, Rachel Jones, Fei Fei Sun, and also encompasses LOEWE's Global Ambassadors, TAEYONG and Josh O'Connor. Together, this diverse lineup embodies a rich tapestry of talent and expertise, contributing to the campaign's multifaceted allure and artistic resonance.

Against the unpolished backdrop of domestic settings, the campaign spotlights well-known LOEWE creations, including the Puzzle Bag, Puzzle Fold Tote, Squeeze Bag, Pebble Bucket Bag, Paseo, and Fold Shopper. Furthermore, it introduces a new version of the Puzzle Fold Tote born from a collaboration with Suna Fujita, a Kyoto-based ceramic studio. Emphasizing the theme of craftsmanship, the campaign employs torn images layered on white backgrounds to achieve a handmade and sculptural aesthetic. This approach harmonizes with Teller's distinctive photographic viewpoint, which celebrates imperfections as the epitome of perfection.

For the Fall-Winter 2023 Precollection, the brand also appointed Juergen Teller. This time his distinctive fusion of fashion and art, captured a dynamic and effervescent energy that seamlessly marries the principles of minimalism and expressiveness. In doing so, it infuses the subject with a profound sense of vitality and presence that is not only aesthetically unique but also profoundly evocative.

A diverse array of talents hailing from different corners of the creative spectrum were portrayed in this campaign, such as the renowned Japanese performer Takeshi Kitano, celebrated SAG Award winner Aubrey Plaza, British singer Dev Hynes, accomplished models like Xiao Wen Ju, and esteemed artists such as Nairy Baghramian and Koo Jeong A, among a host of other notable individuals.


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