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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


Renowned photographer Steven Meisel and supermodel Linda Evangelista have joined forces to present their latest project: "Linda Evangelista Photographed by Steven Meisel," a book that retraces 25 years of their creative collaborations. Through 180 photographs the book offers a tribute to one of fashion's most iconic and enduring partnerships, showcasing the evolution of their work together while highlighting the artistry and creativity that have defined the world of photography and fashion.

Throughout the book, readers will be able to see Meisel's exceptional talent for encapsulating Evangelista's essence in his photographs and his evolving vision of the supermodel, captured within a vast range of imaginative narrative contexts. From the dazzling runways of high fashion to the enigmatic landscapes of editorial shoots, the duo has crafted images that have become iconic in the annals of fashion history.

The book marks the first retrospective monograph dedicated to the celebrated collaboration between the photographer and the supermodel. Through its pages, readers embark on a journey through time, witnessing the growth and transformation of both artists as they push the boundaries of their respective crafts.

Steven Meisel and Linda Evangelista first met in 1987, forging a long-standing relationship and working on numerous projects together throughout their careers. Evangelista has served as a muse to Meisel for over 35 years, and together they have produced some of fashion's most memorable images.

Published by Phaidon, the book's art direction was handled by Jason Duzansky, and the introduction was made by fashion editor William Norwich, and it will be available for fashion and photography enthusiasts worldwide on September 13th, 2023.


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