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  • Written by Eva Levy


It's a first in Los Angeles, from the 27th of May to the 8th of October 2023, Keith Haring's tremendous body of work will be displayed in an exceptional exhibition called Art Is For Everybody at The Broad museum, on South Grande Avenue.

Even though Keith Haring will always be associated to New York, the artist also has a bond to Los Angeles. Indeed, back in 1988, he had a solo exhibition at Michael Kohn Gallery and his sculptures showed at the Pacific Design Center in 1999.

His famous colorful pieces, as well as the barking dog and the notorious dancing figures, will all be displayed in ten different galleries across the museum. As explained on The Broad's website:

"Works presented span from the late-1970s when he was a student at the School of Visual Arts in New York up until 1988, just two years before the artist died from AIDS-related illness at the age of 31."

Keith Haring is known to be an activist as much as an artist, he expressed strong messages through his artwork, such as the fight against AIDS.

It's not only paintings that the visitors will be able to see at the Art Is For Everybody exhibition. Videos, sculptures, drawings, graphic works, as well as subway drawings and public murals will also be shown.

More specific pieces testifying of Keith Haring's life, full of other artists will also be displayed, such as the pink leather suit Madonna wore to Haring’s birthday party at the Paradise Garage in 1984, or the headpiece he made for Grace Jones in collaboration with jewelry designer David Spada.

This retrospective, full of electric colors and strong messages is a beautiful tribute to the artist who will forever remain a founding father of street art.


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