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  • Written by Emily Pink


Campidoglio. Fendi, 1986, Sheila Metzner. Pigment print. Getty Museum, Gift of Sheila Metzner. © Sheila Metzner

Opening on the 31st of October, the Getty Center’s latest exhibition honors the work of Sheila Metzner, a renowned photographer within fashion, still life and beyond. Celebrating a career that has spanned the past 50 years, the exhibition will feature photography which now resonates with the Modernist and Pictorialist trends of the 1980s art scene.

Born in Brooklyn in 1939, Metzner spent her time raising her family and curating a portfolio that expanded across fashion, portraiture, and landscapes. Metzner’s unique flair and ability to capture the softness of her subject matter has amassed a collection of iconic clients during her career – including none other than Valentino, Fendi, Victoria’s Secret and Shiseido. The visionary also collaborated with other famous names in the photography sphere, including Diane Arbus and Bob Richardson. Aside from fashion and beauty, Metzner’s landscape photographs share the same drama and divine atmosphere, firmly establishing her as an industry trailblazer.

Metzner’s stand-out pieces include “Uma in Dress by Patou”, of 1986, depicting actress Uma Thurman in a dramatic black hat draped against an inverted cone and sphere. Metzner’s exhibit shares its name with her photography book, where her recognizable style oozes sensuality and romanticism.

“Sheila Metzner: From Life” presents a gallery of photos taken across her life, exploring a diverse array of subject matter all while drawing upon the editorials that shaped her career. A pioneer in the world of fashion photography, the Getty Center’s exhibition will delight visitors who wish to see the mastery of a paragon for contemporary photography.

Metzner’s expertise in photographing fashion explores the concepts of modern-day beauty, in how these may change, or how they may endure.

The “Sheila Metzner: From Life” exhibition will be available to visit from October 31st through to February 18th next year.


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