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  • Written by Eli Jullo


The multimedia artist, Frederik Heyman has largely contributed to the music and fashion industries with incredible 3D visuals of alternate realities. With an impressive roster of collaborations, including industry titans like Y-Project, Burberry, Mugler, and Nike, and partnerships with icons such as Lady Gaga, Honey Dijon, Beyoncé, and Arca, Heyman's work promises a visceral journey through realms of emotion and imagination.

With bold and graphic visuals, Frederik Heyman has crafted a signature digital universe filled with palpable emotions and unbridled creativity where he explores desires to overcome humanity. In 2019 he was awarded the Best Fashion Film Award for his video Gentle Monster. His collaborations with artists delve into themes of identity, queer and trans experiences, sexuality, and beyond, infusing his work with a deeply personal and meaningful touch.

After having studied illustration and graphic design at the Antwerp Beaux-Arts, Heyman furthered his creative endeavors and studied photography, which enabled him to quickly and effectively use techniques to express his vision into images. Shortly after graduation, he began working as a fashion photographer and started dabbling with 3D scanning which allowed him to transcend the confines of the physical world. He was able to experiment and manifest his boundless visions with unprecedented freedom.

From this practice flourished the mesmerizing and impressive universe of the Heyman we know today, where familiar faces morph into surreal incarnations: from Arca as Botticelli’s Venus to Cyborg Gaga and Naomi’s hyper-realistic avatar for Burberry. Each creation is a testament to Heyman's seamless fusion of artistry and technology, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

He created the breathtaking visuals for Beyonce’s renaissance world tour 2023 and transformed her into a celestial being emerging from a veil of smoke as if she had just landed from another planet. More recently, he collaborated with Miss Honey Dijon to create fierce visuals for her transmutation tour. Hand in hand with immense creativity, Heyman carefully curates graphic, and highly-detailed visual experiences that are an invitation to question the underlying narratives. In his work for Y/Project with Glenn Martens, he represented clouds of mechanized human bodies in a centipede-like formation, drawing inspiration from the Kamasutra. Each frame subtly features an individual operating a remote, prompting contemplation on human desires and motives.

At the heart of Heyman's work lies a profound exploration of the human form and ideas of posthumanism and transhumanism. He explores the ways in which technology is able to transcend mental and physical limits in order to preserve humanity and emotions. Or simply exploring how humanity can interact with technology.

Frederik Heyman stands as a luminary, a visionary whose work transcends boundaries and challenges perception. Through his unparalleled creativity and boundless imagination, he continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, inviting audiences to journey with him into parallel universes in which the unknown is embraced, convention does not exist and rules are re-written.


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