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  • Written by Eva Levy


The Jeu de Paume in Paris is paying tribute to the legendary photographer, Frank Horvat, showcasing his extensive body of work, spanning decades of capturing the essence of humanity through his lens. From fashion photography to street scenes and poignant portraits, Horvat's mastery of storytelling is on full display, offering visitors a unique insight into his artistic journey.

Frank Horvat's career flourished during the mid-20th century, marking him as one of the most influential photographers of his time. Born in Italy in 1928, Horvat embarked on his artistic journey with a passion for the human spirit, and quickly had a unique way of capturing it. Throughout his career, he worked for renowned fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion photography.

His experimental approach and dedication to storytelling set him apart. Horvat always had an uncommon angle, capturing models in scenes that seemed to be the backstages of a photoshoot. For example in 1962 when he photographed Deborah Dixon in Italy, for Harper’s Bazaar. Through his lens, he aimed to portray the personality, strength, and vulnerability of his models. By capturing fashion in unexpected contexts, Horvat challenged the conventional norms of the industry, infusing his photographs with narratives that extended far beyond clothing.

The exhibition at the Jeu de Paume encapsulates Horvat's versatility as a photographer. Visitors are greeted with a diverse range of photographs, showcasing his ability to capture emotion, movement, and candid moments. From the busy streets of Paris, to remote corners of Brazil, Horvat's lens tells tales of everyday life, encouraging viewers to reflect on the universal experiences that connect us all. His photographs evoke a spontaneous and harmonious testimony of the 60's, with a unique look on that era.


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