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  • Written by Dana Aufiero


An underwater dystopia, composed of glass hydrophytes and neon coral, transforms into Bjork’s dancefloor. Bubbles rise from Daniel Del Core’s neon lime kelp gown, while twinkling Hugo Kreit chrome accents dance on her nails. James Merry’s creative direction for Bjork’s tenth studio album transforms the Icelandic popstar into an eerie underwater creature- something not out of the ordinary in the visual artist’s portfolio of aerial bioeffects.

Merry’s connection with Bjork started with the shared fascination with the alliance of technology and nature. Bjork took a liking for Merry’s delicate silicon mask of contrasting flowers and mechanical features. The instantaneous connection turned into a long-awaited partnership: Merry's role overcame mask-making, as he would become the creative director for the visuals of Utopia and Fossora.

Fossora, Bjork’s tenth studio album, continues her spiritual journey with bubbly melodies and playful vocals. In each track, Bjork regrounds herself in the Icelandic habitat- finding solace in nature’s whimsical beauty around her; the first track, “Atopos,” cements the union with nature and herself.

James Merry blurs the boundaries between Bjork and the aquatic creature in the music video, "Atopos." Aquamarine shades paint the background as swaying aquatic flowers float around her. From a furry green Daniel Del Core dress and hat to the intergalactic mask of Amazing Jiro: Merry assembles Bjork’s alternate dimension. The visionary connects the gabber-pop melody with neo-futuristic design, submerging an audience into Bjork’s subaquatic journey through time and space.


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