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  • Written by Ysatis Rios Sabat


The fashion world is ever-changing; however, certain iconic duos have cemented their way into household names, influencing how up-and-coming designers and fashion enthusiasts articulate their art. In Lou Stoppard’s updated version of her book, 'Fashion's Most Extraordinary Duos on the Art of Collaboration,' the London-based writer examines the long-term relationships of some of fashion’s biggest icons.

The book includes Q&A sessions with partners such as, Nick Knights and Daphne Guiness, Rick Owens and Michele Lamy, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, among many others. In the piece, Stoppard delves into the importance of partnerships within the industry, referring to her book as a study of collaboration. Readers will gain a deeper understanding into how fashion icons leverage their shared experiences to enhance their artistry.

These fashion duos candidly discuss their professional and personal relationships, their initial meeting, the similarities they share, and how effectively they communicate with one another. Partnerships like that of Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand have spanned over a decade, with many regarding Grand’s as Jacobs’ muse. However, both are quick to clarify that their relationship is strictly professional, one where ideas flow between them.

The book features over 400 photographs in black and white and color, with behind the scene looks at 18 of fashion’s most talked-about partnerships. The updated version of this volume, published by Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books, commences with a foreword titled '1+1=3' by Andrew Bolton, a renowned museum creator known for some of fashion's most innovative exhibits. In it, Bolton illustrates the history of collaborative fashion and emphasizes its significance in today's fashion landscape, stating, 'Fashion, by its very nature, is collaborative.

'Fashion's Most Extraordinary Duos on the Art of Collaboration,' is set to be released September 19, providing readers a deeper look into the critical role of partnerships.


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