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  • Written by Alexandra Sullivan


everything i thought it was justin timberlake
© Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s newest album, titled Everything I Thought It Was, is to be released March 15 and will include a feature from NSYNC. 

NSYNC will be featured on a track called “Paradise” marking the boy band’s second new song following their reunion. Before that, it had been almost two decades without any music from NSYNC. At last year's Video Music Awards, the group presented the Best Pop Music Video award to Taylor Swift which left Swift starstruck and asking what the boy band was up to, which was the first hint at the reunion. 

This album will mark Timberlake’s first since 2018, and is a follow-up to his previous album “Man of the Woods.” The singer debuted the tracks “Selfish” (his first solo release in six years) and “Drown” from the album and performed “Sanctified” on Saturday Night Live. 

Last April, producer Timbaland described the singer’s new era as the return of “fun Justin.” 

The album trailer, directed by Bradley J. Calder, features a gas station called “JT” which at first looks like a real gas station and then zooms out and is revealed to be a model. Timberlake then pushes a white vintage car into the frame and stands in front of it, as a narrator speaking over the video asks “Awww, there’s Justin… Why won’t he turn around?” The trailer has a playful yet mysterious tone with a nostalgic touch to it. 

The video and photo shoot’s creative director was Playlab, inc. with styling by Jason Bolden and preface by Benicio Del Toro. The album cover was shot by Charlotte Rutherford with set production by Daniel Lane and Hugh Zeigler of “Nucalifornia” and pictures the back of Timberlake’s silhouette looking into a sunset. 

Stylist Bolden has been behind the looks that the star has worn on TV show appearances and music videos throughout this comeback era, styling him in lots of button-downs, blazers and Burberry. 

Next up for JT is his Forget Tomorrow tour, which begins on April 29 in Vancouver, British Columbia. 


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