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  • Written by Amélia Rodrigues


ed ruscha at lacma exhibit

From April 7 to October 6 2024, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) will host a retrospective of Ed Ruscha's art titled Now and Then. An influential figure in the pop art movement, Ruscha has consistently captured the essence of American society through his innovative works.

Born in Oklahoma City in 1937, he relocated to Los Angeles in 1956 to pursue his artistic aspirations. Drawing inspiration from the city's urban landscape and vernacular language, Ed embarked on a journey that would redefine contemporary art.

The exhibition at LACMA offers a comprehensive overview of Ruscha's career, spanning over six decades. Featuring a diverse array of mediums, including paintings, drawings, prints, films, photographs, and artist's books, the retrospective showcases his versatility and ingenuity.

Ruscha's art often explores the intersection of language and visual imagery, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of communication and perception. His iconic word paintings, such as "OOF" (1962–63), exemplify his ability to convey meaning through minimalistic yet impactful compositions.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is Ruscha's experimentation with unconventional materials, from gunpowder to chocolate. His innovative approach to art-making reflects his willingness to push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Throughout his career, Ruscha has remained a pioneering force in the art world, inspiring generations of artists with his bold exploration of American iconography. His renowned artist's books, including "Twentysix Gasoline Stations" (1963) and "Every Building on the Sunset Strip" (1966), have earned him critical acclaim and cemented his legacy as a visionary artist.

As viewers navigate through Now and Then, they are invited to reflect on Ruscha's profound impact on contemporary art and society. His work serves as a poignant commentary on the ever-changing landscape of American culture, offering insights into the complexities of identity and representation.

In celebrating Ed Ruscha's remarkable career, LACMA pays tribute to his enduring legacy and reaffirms his status as one of the most influential artists of our time. Now and Then promises to be a captivating exploration of Ruscha's artistry and a testament to his lasting influence on the world of art.


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