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  • Written by Samuel Gut


After four years of waiting, Dua Lipa's new album is here and soaring up the charts. It occupies the top spot on the Billboard Top Album Sales chart, and finishes first in both the UK and France. Released on May 3rd, "Radical Optimism" has all the makings of a classic pop album. Heartbreak, thwarted but lingering romantic hope... The general theme of this eleven-track project is not really surprising. Fueled by the singles "Illusion," "Houdini," and "Training Season," "Radical Optimism" is, however, more interesting than it may initially seem.

In this new opus, Dua Lipa has decided to bring her voice more to the forefront, both in the mixing and in the placement. Of Albanian and Kosovar origin, the British singer nods to the Balkans at the beginning of the track "Falling Forever," by pushing the phrase "How long?" into the high notes. A reference noticed directly by Ivan, a Bulgarian fan of Dua Lipa: "I don't know if it was intentional, but it reminds me of Albania, or at least the Balkans." Convinced, especially by the singles "Happy for You" and "Falling Forever," the young man believes the album will have its effect this summer, when rooftops host student parties. His friend Lucas believes the album falls short of "Future Nostalgia," released in 2020, despite some flashes of brilliance. The fan points out an important aspect: the musical diversity hidden within the project. Produced by Tame Impala (Kevin Richard Parker) and Danny L Harle, the album blends various influences. The rhythmic harpsichord of the 80s coexists with guitar and percussion, along with Tame Impala's dreamy synths.

The album was announced on social media last March with a vlog excerpt about its creation. Dua Lipa didn't hide her desire to share it with her audience. The video's aesthetics already gave a glimpse of the album's universe. The imagery, straight out of a 90s/2000s camera, hinted at a musical nostalgia that would accompany the upcoming summer. Between the release of the single "Houdini" in November 2023 and the release of "Radical Optimism," the star has continuously delivered teasers, music videos, shows, vlogs, and more. Her singles "Training Season" and "Houdini" even opened the 2024 Grammys.

The British singer will embark on a tour of European festivals between June 5th and October 17th, 2024, as well as three dates in Austin, Texas.


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