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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


dreamland martine couralet laing

Beyond the screens of movies, closer than the photos in the magazines, and amidst the mountains, lies a place where every dream seems achievable, and every star feels approachable. Los Angeles, an amalgam of realities, cultures, and hopes, serves as the stage for real-life characters playing dress-up and simply living life.

Martine Couralet-Laing's personal encounters with stars over the past two decades unfold with humor, warmth, and curiosity in her book "DreamLAnd," an intriguing tale about life in Los Angeles, the mythical yet outstanding city famously portrayed in pop culture.

"DreamLAnd" narrates the stories of those who walk the streets of Mulholland Drive with hopes of remaining unrecognized and those who fear being caught. From Jacqueline Bisset to Sharon Stone, Harrison Ford, Mariah Carey, and even the Hispanic undocumented immigrants, every story is worth telling.

The book beautifully captures the essence of Los Angeles through its soft, enchanting light. Couralet-Laing's prose paints a vivid picture of a city bathed in a glow that is unique, casting a real gentleness that sets it apart from anywhere else. The reader is transported into the heart of this dreamlike Los Angeles, where everyone belongs as long as they have a story to tell and a character to portray.

The humorous narrative, coupled with an almost anthropological analysis of the city, reflects the lack of homogeneity in Los Angeles and its charming diversity, where extremes and contradictions coexist in one fascinating dance. The French author explores the unique synergy created by the different nationalities and backgrounds present in the city through personal anecdotes and intriguing personalities.

Navigating this inaccessible yet reachable world, readers are led back and forth through the vivid landscapes of Los Angeles, unveiling a city that is both enchanting and enigmatic. Martine Couralet-Laing invites us to partake in her dream, experiencing the extraordinary lives of Hollywood's elite while comprehending the multifaceted layers that make Los Angeles a truly one-of-a-kind destination.


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