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  • Written by Alexandra Sullivan


Assouline Publishing, a book publisher famously known for its luxury fashion, design, travel and lifestyle works, released “Dior by Raf Simons” marking its sixth book in its series dedicated to Dior designers. Working with Dior since 2012, Raf Simmons has brought his unique contemporary edge to the sensual brand.

This coffee table book presents the most memorable and noteworthy pieces by the designer from Autumn/Winter 2012 to Autumn/Winter 2015. The edition features photographs by Laziz Hamani — who has an extensive history as a world-renowned luxury photographer and has worked with Assouline on more than 30 titles. The photos capture the pieces that have reputably contributed to the House’s legacy.

Simons’ designs have notably been built on the fundamentals of “innovation, modernity and individuality” which keep his pieces apart from the rest. The mixing of fabrics, shapes and textures in his contemporary style always keeps people guessing. He defies gender norms in his designs and isn’t afraid to break boundaries.

Fashion journalist Tim Blanks speaks more on Simons’ approach to fashion, offering insights into Simons’s innovation throughout the book. Blanks, who is the editor-at-large of The Business of Fashion, has been covering fashion since 1985. His words capture the exquisite haute couture designs of Simons and how the brand has endured time with its lasting impact on the industry.

Being sold for $195 USD, the 344-page book is now available to purchase through Assouline’s website. This compilation of captivating photography and informative words makes for a perfect collector's item for any art or fashion lover.


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