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  • Written by Haley Colton


Louis Vuitton decides to bottle up California and make fragrances that feature the west coast. City of Stars is the newest scent in the collection, and Jacques Cavallier Belletrude was the nose who created the cologne. Citrus is what's in the bottle; blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, and lime are the scents used in the fragrance. While tiare flower, sandalwood, and musk sophisticate the scent. This is the line's first evening cologne that highlights the dazzling nightlife of Los Angeles. The line is mainly inspired by day experiences such as the sun, water, air, and beach. However, this fragrance does something different; it steers away from day and decides to make what happens after sunset the centerpiece of this scent. The cologne is held in an ombre bottle reminiscent of gin or rum. Smell is one thing that can trigger memories and experiences; what Vuitton did was bottle the historic city in a collection and try to trigger California feel when you wear each scent. City of Stars is a perfect addition to the collection of fragrances capturing the sensual night life of Los Angeles into a citrus scent.


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