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  • Written by Eli Jullo


Courtesy of Chanel

In a would-be busy street of over-spilling bars and nightclubs, the Mancunians drinking beer on a night out in the city’s north-hipster district were replaced with VIP guests for Chanel’s Métier d’Art collection, on the 7th of December.


Under the city’s rainy sky, the collection radiated its vibrant and daring allure, juxtaposed against the backdrop of the city's industrial and brick-laden architecture.


The energy of famous music artists to football stars that emerged from Manchester and their heavy influence on style even transforming chic Parisian scarves into red-black and blue supporters’ scarf, colors of two of the most notorious Manchester clubs.


In an attempt to capture the city’s rock and roll vibe, Virginie Viard added a playful twist on the staple English school uniforms, counting the story of the Maison’s connection to Britain. Think cardigans, knee-high socks, baker boy hats, miniskirts, long scarves and plaid patterns.


The models walked down the wet cobblestone wearing signature tweed sets with an original spin, straying away from what Coco had implemented at the heart of the company after visiting her late lover Duc  Westminster’s estate. Here Viard combined flashy pink to green and blue which popped as a reminder of the Manchesters’ 90’s acid rave scene.


Pulling from Manchester’s rich history built on the cotton and textile industries of the 19th century, the intent was to focus on craftsmanship. From Lemarié’s feathers to Maison Michel’s hats, the looks reflected the deep inspiration taken from the industrial city into Chanel’s conceptions.


The heavily 60’s inspired collection was paired with the classic Chanel Mary Jane’s and tailored silhouettes reimagined to fit slightly above the hips as opposed to fitting the waist in a non-conformist and edgy hint to alternative Britain.


Following her promise to revisit Chanel classics, the collection combined Manchester’s underground history of energy and avant-garde spirit, with the show ending in a standing ovation as supermodel Karen Elson closed the runway in a sequin design, making a full circle around a classic Manchester weekend wardrobe.


In attendance were Tilda Swinton, Hugh Grant, Alexa Chung and house ambassador Charlotte Casiraghi. Sofia Coppola, also present, directed the grunge short video teaser encapsulating the city’s creative energy.


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