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  • Written by Haley Colton


Chanel sticks with their roots and is inspired by their signature fabric tweed. The collection named "Infinite Tweed" has proven that this textile is very versatile and can be a trendy fabric that more people will want to wear after viewing the collection. The house showed extraordinary exploration with tweed upholding their ownership over the material.

The color palette was inspired by the River Tweed, located on the border of England and Scotland. Chanel also took their inspiration a bit further and added it to the runway having it in pale green and in the venue by adding pops of color and having the backdrop printed with a tweed pattern. The historical context of tweed and the connection to the brand is that Gabrielle Chanel borrowed tweed from menswear in the 1920s and created beauty with the textile.

Virginie Viard, the creative director, used the brand's historical background and created a collection that showed Chanel's inspirations, adding modern context to the material and injecting it with new life. Viard saw an old picture of Chanel taken at the lodge of the Duke of Westminster and saw her wearing his borrowed clothes and rubber boots. Viard took some inspiration from that to make the collection because she found the look very sexy and appealing. Coming down the runway, we see slouchy tweed jackets, leather coats, wool socks, knitted scarfs, rainboots, and of course, tweed on top of tweed, which truly made this an enticing collection to watch. The silhouettes took notes from the 60s with matching jackets, lengthened skirts, and rich, vibrant colors that looked very polished. Sitting in the front row to cherish the designs was K-pop star Jennie in an all-black school girl-inspired look. Jennie was also rocking tweed, wearing a black tweed tube top. In addition, Caroline de Maigret, Venus Williams, Ellie Bamber, and Soo Joo Park ambassadors and friends of the house to view the all Tweed looks.


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