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  • Written by Faith Florence


The memoir of the legendary singer songwriter, Britney Spears, titled ‘the woman in me’, is set to be published on the 24th October 2023 by Gallery Books. The Grammy winning artist has taken her time for writing, after she stormed the charts with the release of ‘Hold Me Closer’ with Elton John, reaching the top ten in 19 countries after taking a six-year break from music.

The idea for the book, which had been spiralling since April 2022, has now come to life after its very much anticipated completion has officially been confirmed. ‘The Woman in Me’, is to be held with high importance for many, as Spears, an idol since her teen years, will demonstrate her courage once again, showing an alternative more vulnerable side to herself, through her memoir.

The memoir is set to delve into the singer’s incredible story, with reference to fame, motherhood, survival, hope, faith and freedom, particularly following her 2021 testimony in open court, which surrounded the dissolvement of her guardianship, allowing her to take back control of her life. The book and soon to be audiobook illuminates and encourages the importance of a woman in this world to tell her own story, in her own words, with the same strength and bravery as Spears is to show.

After inspiring achievements, such as releasing successful multiple hit singles including ‘Baby one more time’, ‘Toxic’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Womanizer’, and many more, as well as having recognised outstanding career achievements and music awards, a different side to Spears will be publicised. Separate from music, Britney has and touched many lives, using her voice and platform to help campaign for many charities, including the LGBTQ+ community, and setting up her own ‘Britney Spears Foundation’ for children in need.


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