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  • Written by Emily Pink


Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Fashion powerhouse Bottega Veneta has released its latest campaign featuring A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner, with each campaign photo taken by paparazzi months before.


Harnessing the power that the media and paparazzi have in capturing famous figures in action, Bottega Veneta’s latest campaign also considers who has the rights to these images and how they are used. The campaign photos were collected from databases Getty and Backgrid, before being interposed by the sharp Bottega Veneta branding. 


Campaign image highlights include Rocky elevated from the ground mid-jog in an all-grey sweat ensemble and black sneakers. An altogether different tone, Rocky is pictured wandering the city streets in a light wash denim set, paired with a grey tie, smart boots and Bottega’s instantly recognisable Intrecciato tote bag. Jenner is pictured for the campaign walking her Doberman pinscher Pyro in a slate trench, orange-tinted sunglasses, and maroon boots. Each image captures the celebrities in a moment of nonchalance, where their eyes are averted from the camera’s gaze.

Writing on his Instagram, A$AP Rocky explained “Throughout history, there has always been a funny relationship between photographers and celebrities. Even down to the rights and the usage of photos, and the tabloid hustle, there’s always seemed to be a disconnection between famous people and the photographers who follow and film them.”


Where Bottega Veneta seeks to bridge the gap between the subject of the photo and the media themselves, the campaign eloquently displays the brand’s latest garments in a setting of normalcy – such as being worn for a jog or running errands.


It seems that the campaign has been the brainchild of Creative Director Matthieu Blazy, who has been in his role since 2020 and has already made waves in the fashion sphere and further clarified Bottega Veneta as a brand known to champion quiet luxury and understated elegance.



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