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  • Written by Kaleigh Werner


Captured in their trademark rock studded bottle, Valentino has released a new fragrance “Born in Roma: Coral Fantasy”. The new scent joins the existing collection “Born in Roma” with two other fragrances, “Born in Roma Pink and Yellow”. Embodying the nature of Valentino’s native city, the communication campaign was created. The goal of “Born in Roma” was thought of by the brand’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli as he wanted to instill this idea of “you don’t have to be born in Roma to feel like a Roman.” By utilizing the rich history of the city but focusing on wanting to create a new free-spirited generation, “Born in Roma” celebrates both culture and change.

A staple for their fragrance bottles, the rockstud texture is used as a symbol of Rome because it mirrors the carved patterns on the outside of Italian Palazzos. The faint orange color of the fragrance was set to mimic the warm mood of the Rome sunset that falls upon the city. Infusing a fruity essence with a hint of smoky undertones, this fragrance was made as a perfume and cologne. “Donna Born in Roma”, for the women, combines trickles of orange with Ambrette seeds, Musk accords, jasmine and rose. Embracing the symbol of femininity, the perfume is made to highlight its floral presence. For men, the scent represents power in its ability to be crisp, yet subtle and refreshing. The scent combines apple accord, smoky tobacco, sage and traces of germanium. An ombre effect transpires as the black glass studs of the bottle darken the color of the fragrance at the top, while the bottom remains bright. But for the perfume, the presentation stays consistent with the light coral color shining through the whole bottle.

Written by Kaleigh Werner


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