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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


Beyoncé's Renaissance world tour kicked off in Stockholm on Wednesday, May 10th, at Sweden’s Friends Arena. The return of the Queen Bee to the stage provoked an internet frenzy, with social media soon filled with photos of the bold ensembles worn during the concert. More than just a show, Beyoncé’s concert was a display of innovation and high fashion, where creativity and futurism were at the center. The visually striking experience, characterized by eye-catching creations that played with the lighting of the scenario, merged perfectly with the dynamic performances and the energy of Beyoncé’s songs.

Styled by Julia Sarr-Ramos and Shiona Turini, Beyoncé’s wardrobe was an expression of techno, dance music, and queer culture. The singer appeared in a series of glittering and metallic bodysuits custom-made for her tour, gracing the viewers with couture creations by Balmain, David Koma, Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Loewe, Coperni, and Courrèges, and delivering standout moments throughout the night. The body-hugging and radiant looks set the mood for an unforgettable first night.

David Koma created a holographic dress paired up with a matching long coat and boots. Inspired by his Spring-Summer collection, the vibrant look reflected light in a unique way creating a striking visual effect as the singer moved. Mugler custom-made a bold and creative design inspired by her fan base, the Bey Hive. The outfit consisted of a cut-out black and yellow bodysuit, paired with black gloves and black over-the-knee boots. However, it was the headpiece simulating a bee that caught everyone’s attention and turned it into a whimsy and fierce look.

Alexander McQueen made an astonishing hand-embroider silver bodysuit in a black tulle base, becoming one of the most glamorous of the night. As for Loewe, the brand designed two custom bodysuits inspired by their latest collection. A sparkly design caught the attention for its fun Trompe-l'œil motifs, and the black gloves adorned with red nails added an edgy element. The eye-catching look became one of the biggest statements of the night.

Olivier Rousteing's long-lasting relationship with the singer made him worthy of creating multiple couture creations for the performer. From a custom caged pearl bodysuit to a mirrored mini dress and a glittery attire, the looks follow Balmain’s codes and are in sync with the album’s visual aesthetic. Courrèges was appointed to recreate the popular dress with a circular mirror on the front that first walked down the runway during the last Paris Fashion Week. The avant-garde design created a fascinating effect with the colors and lights of the stage.

The Coperni look was in charge of closing the show, and it did so with a dramatic embroidered silver cape, matching bodysuit, and gloves that were seen floating in the air on a horse. According to the brand, the look was made from silver laser-cut feathers and required hundreds of hours of hand-stitch work in India.

This was the first stop of Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour, which is set to include 57 shows and will culminate in September in New Orleans, USA


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