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  • Written by Samuel Gut


1972. With Chanel's recent death, the fashion world is witnessing the end of an era and is looking for its new leaders. One of the contenders for the title is finally unleashing his talent: his name is Karl Lagerfeld. With its series “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld”, Disney+ continues to bet on fashion legends. Available starting this Friday, June 7, this new production follows the series “Cristobal Balenciaga”, launched last January 19.

The mini-series, also known as “Kaiser Karl”, traces the life of the German designer starting in 1972, the year his career began its irresistible rise. After meeting the Parisian dandy Jacques de Bascher, 18 years his junior, Karl Lagerfeld decided to venture into haute couture. The long-awaited confrontation between Lagerfeld and Saint-Laurent finally begins, under the watchful and rapacious eyes of the fashion world.

As a reminder, the paths of these two fashion giants first crossed in 1954. In their early twenties, Yves Saint-Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were revealing themselves to the world. Winner of the "Evening Dress" category of the International Wool Secretariat, organized by Woolmark, Saint-Laurent joined the ranks of Dior. Karl, on the other hand, won the first prize in the "Coat" category and was hired by Pierre Balmain. Friends, the two designers sparked the fantasy of a creative confrontation, that of the two greatest prospects in the industry.

Despite their great rapport, a spanner in the works would soon appear: Jacques de Bascher.

The passionate love of the German designer and lover of the French creator would torment one and drag the other into his dangerous ways. Above all, he would destroy the friendship between the two men. Their confrontation is likely to be vividly illustrated, judging by the series' trailer. For enthusiasts, the outcome of this clash of titans is already known; what remains to be discovered are the details of how these two men climbed to the pinnacle of fashion to secure their legacy. Having worked for Balmain, Fendi, and Chanel, Karl would go on to create about twenty collections a year at the peak of his career.

Created by Isaure Pisani-Ferry, Raphaëlle Bacqué, and Jennifer Have, the series promises to be vibrant and full of references. Portrayed by the experienced Daniel Brühl (“Inglourious Basterds”, “Good Bye, Lenin!”, “Captain America”, “Ladies in Lavender”), Kaiser Karl continues to make headlines. After “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld”, a film featuring Jared Leto, and a dedicated Met Gala, the German designer's white ponytail and black suit continue to influence creation, five years after his death.


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