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  • Written by Haley Colton


The Balenciaga Winter 22’ collection is very personal to the creative director, Demna, as this blends his personal refugee story with the modern context of the war within Ukraine. While the collection was initially meant to invoke the idea of having to visit a simulated winter in the not too distant future, as global warming continues to change the earth’s climate, the addition of trashbag inspired bags visually simulates that of the refugees fleeing with their few personal items.

He uses his past trauma to evoke a similar idea of war with the snow globe effect within the runway, as the falling flakes can also embody the idea of falling debris along the beaten runway path. The restrained color palette is strengthened by the contrast against the white of the snow, while later pops of color breathe additional life into the collection. Demna adds his personal touch into the palette through the inclusion of his signature florals.

Another showstopping visual was the caution tape bodysuit, also seen being worn by Kim Kardashian during Paris Fashion Week. The only color that seemed out of place was the pink featured on a zippered hoodie, which failed to connect with the rest of the collection in my opinion. The drape of the oversized and flowy garments were captured well by the addition of the wind machines within the venue, as these emphasized the fabric choices made. The collection does a great job of creating balance with the inclusion of fitted bodysuits amongst the oversized garments with more body. The detailing in the wrap-around frame glasses creates a shield for the models’ eyes, while also providing an additional level of anonymity and mystery.


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