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  • Written by Carolina Benjumea


Balenciaga released its Spring 24 Collection with a five-minute video directed by Mau Morgo. For the scenario, the brand chose none other than 10, Avenue George V in Paris, the mythic address housing their headquarters. The video captures current scenes of Parisian life, creating an immersive experience for viewers. It showcases a diverse range of pedestrians, from dog walkers and couriers to skaters and cyclists, encapsulating the vibrant energy and diversity of modern city life. Against the backdrop of the elegant Parisian streets, the Maison serves as a stage where people come and go, flaunting their unique styles in effortlessly chic Balenciaga ensembles, proving that, after all, it’s a Balenciaga’s world we are living in. Named "Capital B," the collection effortlessly navigates through a diverse range of styles and moods, reflecting the individuality and diversity found in modern urban environments. Balenciaga seamlessly blends its signature oversized garments with a fresh approach to elegant tailoring and refined silhouettes. The result is a unique fusion of contemporary style and timeless sophistication, capturing the essence of Balenciaga's ability to transcend trends and create fashion that resonates with the modern wearer. Casually walking the streets in Balenciaga’s oversized trapezoid coats, puffed-up trenches, or hoodies. Or leaving work in formal black tailor suits, motorcycle leathers, and sweatpants. Or running errands in a perfectly tailored trench coat. Or just having a stroll wearing silver-fringed embroidered dresses, Demna's vision of everyday attire is undeniably chic, elegant, and luxurious. The brand's newly adopted discreet approach to fashion enables customers to fully appreciate Balenciaga's impeccable attention to detail and precision in the construction of each garment. Refinement takes center stage with luxurious wool, cashmere, and merino fabrics. The collection showcases the brand's expertise, resulting in a mesmerizing and cohesive ensemble of pieces that exude sophistication and allure. In addition to the video, Balenciaga also released a captivating lookbook featuring each garment against the breathtaking backdrops of Place Vendome and the Arc de Triomphe, showcasing the brand's deep-rooted connection to Parisian savoir-faire, as it proudly displays its strong ties to the city's rich fashion heritage.


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