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  • Written by Ysatis Rios Sabat


From June 3rd to July 1st, the Simchowitz Gallery in Los Angeles unveils Brian Harte's latest exhibit, "After Image." The exhibition presents Harte's impressive art and explores the concept of coexisting time frames through visual imagery.

The collection highlights Harte's work from 2020 and beyond, allowing viewers to see the bold and intricate pieces in person. Many components within the exhibition featured the Irish artist's illustrious techniques, including the use of single colors and depictions of everyday domestic items like food, sweaters, and animals.

Harte credits Japanese Art as an early influence within his work due to its ever-changing perspective, saying, "I like dropping things down from the top or side, so the logic really falls apart. As soon as you think there's a narrative there, it's gone. But I'm looking for that. I want them to be on the edge of failure all the time."

The Simchowitz Art Gallery homes a new generation of contemporary artists, diminishing the traditional hierarchy that exists in the art industry today. The gallery showcased “After Image’s” vibrant shades of blue, red, and yellow on varying-size canvases. Through such pieces, Harte was able to deliver hints of his everyday life and memories, such as a brief gesture from his wife or son, within his works.

With his latest exhibit, Harte hopes to transmit a "network of things," where like time, a fusion of disjointed modernism combines to express "how we exist" in this very moment.


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