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  • Written by Moe Wang


Lindsay Kemp, "Flowers," Bush Theater, London, 1974 and David Bowie, 1973, in Frida Giannini's book “A Journey Into the Style and Music of My Icons Since 1969.

Frida Giannini’s book “A Journey Into the Style and Music of My Icons Since 1969: The Year of the Big Bang” travels through the history of music and style from 1969 to today. Exploring the evolution of music and its intersection with fashion and society, the book shines a spotlight on how the evolution of music is always accompanied by the evolution of fashion and changing society and vice versa, in a dialogue of iconic figures from Jimi Hendrix to Rihanna.

Frida Giannini is best known as an internationally renowned Italian designer who was Creative Director of Gucci for 10 years. From 1994 to 2001, she also worked for Fendi, starting out first as a ready-to-wear designer and eventually as a head of accessories. Aside from her profession in the fashion world, Giannini is also an expert in the music industry. While music is her great passion, it has also accompanied her professionally in her journey of creative inspiration. She has successfully made first-person encounters with the protagonists of the entertainment world in the 2000s. Today, Giannini works as a creative consultant for luxury brands in different categories, including interior design.

The book starts in the year 1969. From the music history perspective, 1969 was the year of Woodstock and when David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was first released. A historical music festival that represented a moment of unity and peace, Woodstock became the symbol of the 1960s counterculture movement in reaction to the turbulent era marked by the Vietnam War and civil rights activism. “Space Oddity,” which was inspired by the Moon landing milestone, marked the beginning of David Bowie’s journey to becoming the rock superstar. Through the exploration of iconic stages and moments in music history, the book unfolds the milestone in an eclectic interpretation of fashion and society.

Giannini also spotlights on the stage clothes, hairstyles, and sets through the journey of diving into the music history. This exploration further reinforces how the evolution of music accompanies the evolution of fashions, costumes, and changing society.

“A Journey Into the Style and Music of My Heroes Since 1969: The Year of the Big Bang” is scheduled to be published on December 26, 2023.


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