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Jones & Jacobs' Time Machine

By Dana Aufiero


Subtle notes of electronic synths slowly began to chime into the dimly lit Hammerstein Ballroom. A uniform line of models stride swiftly, glistening with bright neon green accessories that sharply contrast ardent gray monochrome fabrics. The ballroom’s spotlight illuminates two Fs that glisten at the buckle of the small enigmatic shoulder bag, the baguette; the distinguished bag and Italian luxury fashion house shine brighter than ever in this 25-year celebration with Jones, Jacobs, Tiffany, and Parker. 


With Kim Jones’ long-standing history of unexpected collaborations, the anniversary show was expected to be one of superior design synergy. Marc Jacobs, Jones’ fellow co-worker and friend from his Vuitton era, incorporates neon greens and electric purples to bring a playful spin to the collection: similar to his trending Gen-Z brand, Heaven by Marc Jacobs. Jones also welcomes the elegance of Tiffany & Co’s robin-egg blue and the influence of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex & The City role, Carrie Bradshaw, to pay homage to the city’s excellence in New York Fashion Week. 


Bella Hadid graces the runway in a Tiffany Blue satin tracksuit that reveals her decolletage and a shining Tiffany baguette locket hanging low from her neck. The tactical jumpsuit includes eight cargo pockets, four of those as mini baguettes, and elastic drawstrings that pull the suit together at Hadid’s waist: ready-to-wear and simple in design, yet distinguished for its teal radiance. Backward satin baseball cap, fur studded clogs, and a baguette at the hip complete Bella’s relaxed composure. For Jacobs, it’s about taking “ the way people really dress…and reforming it into something evocative of a period with more romance and magic,” he says to WWD. 


The runway takes the audience back to the early ‘90s, with oversized blazers, flowing slip dresses, and printed knit sweaters that layer over one another. Sequin dress, fur coat, and a baguette in hand resemble Carrie Bradshaw walking in uptown Manhattan, reminiscent of the eclectic and versatile New York girl of the early 2000s . 


As the show continues, denim maxi skirts and cellophane capes start to sweep the floor. The brim of oversized Mad Hatter fuzzy hats sit low over the models’ eyes: a reappearance of Jacobs’ “Pimp Hat” from his F/W 2012 collection. The wearer’s appearance remains anonymous, as metallic, white, and neon green monogram co-ords hide the entirety of the models’ figures. Jacobs’ ultra- high laced platforms meet Jones’ dazzling sequin baguette- leading up to a shocking appearance in the show’s final moments. 


After nearly fifteen years, the highly-acclaimed Canadian supermodel and Fendi muse- Linda Evangelista - drifts down the runway in a billowy Tiffany gown and sequin baguette. Evangelista stands alongside Venturini and Jacobs receiving a standing ovation from her good friends since the ‘90s- Kate Moss, Christy Turlington Burns, Amber Valletta, and Shalom Harlow. In the front row,  Lala Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Noami Watts are the first to witness the supermodel’s debut. All clutching a baguette under their arm, they honor the brand’s ode to the petite shoulder bag that never seems to lose its luster. 

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