Tom Ford’s natural space has always been Los Angeles. And for his Autumn/Winter 2020 runway show, Ford broke the rules once more-and showed in his natural habitant-L.A. on a very significant date: the day before the Oscars.

Ford himself had a very clear concept behind the glamorous show-and the series of chic and sensual evening wear it produced: “A designer’s sense of beauty is, I believe, heavily influenced by the time in which they came of age. There will always be a trace of the 1970s in my work, as there is this season,” he wrote in a statement. His initial inspiration came from the famous 1967 Bob Richardson photograph of Baron Alexis de Waldner and the model Donna Mitchell-an image embodying all thing L.A.-the sensuality, the glamour and the sense of forbidden.

Ford presented his show at MILK Studios in Los Angeles –a show that had perhaps bigger names watching from the front row than perhaps walking the show. Gigi Hadid and  Kendall Jenner, strutted down the runway while celebrities such as JLO, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Tracee Ellis Ross, Lil Nas X, and Renée Zellweger (who won the Oscar for best actress a couple of nights later) applauded the designer’s inspiration while properly dressed in Tom Ford evening wear.

The clothes were mostly evening wear chic but effortless. “The important thing is the attitude: a relaxed, sensual and somewhat louche kind of luxury that must be worn in a way that never, ever looks like you are trying too hard.” commented Ford.

It was, indeed, beautiful evening wear done the way it should be: tight lace or sequined dresses with suggestive bows, silk tuxedos, leopard print details, and black sheer skirts. And for the first time, it included a bridal ensemble with an extra-long 30s inspired veil straight out of a movie.

“Perhaps I am feeling particularly romantic this season as for the first time I am ending a show with a bride. Fresh -and hopeful. And hope is something I think that we all need right now,” commented Ford. Well, in hope and glamour we pray.