Dior Mens Fall 2020
Redefining the codes

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Christian Dior has always had a strong bond with art. This season Kim Jones is paying tribute to the maestro’s artistic side by hosting the Fall 2020 in Miami-as a prelude to the Miami Art Basel, one of the world’s largest art and design fairs.


The choice of the venue was not a random one either; across the street from the brand new Rubell Museum one night before opening to the public. Connecting artistic references, Parisian chic and all American Miami vibes, the Dior creative director invited street wear phenomenon Shawn Stussy out of retirement as the lead collaborator for the Dior Fall 2020 collection-with stunning results.


In a star packed venue with the likes of Kim Kartashian, Bella Hadid, Maluma and James Blake, Jones presented a collection that was cool, effortless with a strong essence of traditional sartorial elegance. Known for crossing the boundaries between chic and cool while developing a brand new fashion vocabulary for the younger, Jones creatively incorporated Stussy’s art work while up scaling it to the Dior couture aspect of things.

 “I felt like part of the team — from a distance,” commented Stussy.“They in turn blew it up, colored it, stretched it, marbelized it, beaded it and for me the interesting part was that they wanted me to do my feeling of art, and then they took it to the couture level of production and techniques.”


The collection was reminiscent of all new vocabulary Jones has created for Dior Men; the oblique suit, the tailored shorts, the relaxed Miami-like bucket hats and the leather over coat in shinning metallics. The color palette was surf chic meets cyber cool-an essence of bold neon and sensual tropical shades that worked well with the detailed construction of the garments, read: crocheting, dying and beading while retaining the idea of smart dressing to the maximum.


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