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Despite Chanel's history of revolving around Parisian styles and locations, Karl Lagerfeld always seems to take a fresh angle on the City of Light which is aptly reflected in his haute couture themes. For Fall 2018, the creative director returned to Parisian roots and paid tribute to post-war Paris and the trials and tribulations that were made to lift Paris into what it is today. Lagerfeld reminded us that an outfit has history, in both its meticulous process to become a garment and the original pioneers of style who persevered in the art of fashion even when times were difficult.

Held at the Grand Palais in France, the venue was filled with small replicas of Parisian symbols such as the Eiffel tower to set the scene. Among the celebrity attendees was Penelope Cruz, who observed the grandeur of the runway reveals within this iconic location. This was the press announcement for Cruz's newly appointed status as brand ambassador for Chanel, and she attributes this new position to her longstanding admiration for both Lagerfeld and the fashion house. The Oscar-winning actress donned a classic beret and pink dress for the event, elegantly representing the brand as she watched the show unfold.

Instead of veering toward a more relaxed cut, the silhouettes were fitted and shaped. In stark comparison to Chanel's fantastical spring garden party couture, this season Lagerfeld went for more practical designs from reasonable hems to an overall consideration of the modern working woman. Despite mainly centering on hues of gray and black, the collection was styled to be anything but boring. Hair was tucked upward in a rock-and-roll-esque manner, and there was an exploration of varying textures including feathers, silk, beading, leather, and velvet. Specifically eye-catching were the sleek ankle boots and unzipped skirts, which function in zipping up or down depending on the occasion. Needless to say, Lagerfeld has intrigued audiences yet again- but this time, without all the wondrous glamour.

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