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By Kaleigh Werner


“Unapologetic certainty” erupted on a polished red runway in Milan as Donatella Versace crafted a movement of confidence in her new Fall-Winter 2022 collection. Through blockades of semi-transparent screens, the continuity of latex leggings with a hand on the hip of each model flashed in and out of sight unleashing spurs of tension and allure. From platform heels to corsetry and miniskirts, this collection effectively materialized attitude, power and seduction all while playing into already dominating trends.


After Capri Holdings Limited acquired Versace back in 2018, Donatella remained on as the designer for the brand to advance their influence on inclusivity and empowerment in women’s fashion. On the Milan runway, ankle length tight-fitting skirts paired with cropped corset tops, gave way to a sense of constriction as the models attempted to walk forward in tall platforms.


However, Versace’s ability to set the standard for seasonal trends was not lost. Revealing boxy tweed blazers with baby tees, oversized puffer jackets with tiny bra tops and low-rise pants, honored the Italian fashion house’s own unique distinction while also portraying their attention to the current Y2K obsession. Denim, pinstripe sets, fur hats, long-sleeve gloves, and the iconic opening of a sinched black pantsuit fashioned Versace’s fierce expertise yet again. But Donatella didn’t stop there. Video flashes of each model moving against a white background before they appeared on the runway moved the cinematography of the show to a whole new level. To top the collection off, Greca Goddess was introduced as the brand’s new accessories and bag line. Gigi and Bella Hadid sported a dark black eyeshadow and held on to a glossy red clutch finished with the Greca motif executing the perfect powerful punk look.

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