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By Haley Colton


The creative director Nicolas Ghesquière is one to always get inspired by the past and make a collection readto a more modern audience to inspire their closets. Louis Vuitton was the first fashion house to show inside Paris' Musée D'Orsay, unveiling it in the central hall and Courbet Gallery. The collection was featured alongside breathtaking statues and natural light gleaming through the windows, enhancing each piece that walks down the runway. The Fall 2022 collection is dedicated to youth and unresolved conflicts in the hope of a better world for the future. Ghesquière wanted to instill the freedom of movement and change with a youthful desire to customize everything through his collection. Jung Ho-Yeon, SAG Award winner, opened the show wearing an outstanding oversized leather jacket, white button-down, silk scarf, a tie, and pinstriped pants. This season Ghesquière practiced the art of layering, making each piece part of a harmonious outfit. The goal is that you can mix and match each piece depending on one's taste. Since adolescence formulates the entire collection, Ghesquière explores modesty, the schoolgirluniform, and prints to develop his runway. 

The clothing really represents a modern-day Annie Hall for this generation. The Fashion house played with the idea of the oversized look, taking reference to a girl wearing her boyfriend's clothing. Androgynous looks also came down the runway in tailoring, silhouettes, and accessories. People who lived through the '70s, '80s, '90s, and even early 2000s will get a sense of nostalgia from the prints, necklines, and styling. David Sims' photography from the 90s appeared as embroidered details in reference to a teenager's bedroom, grunge florals. The house chose to use the maximalist approach to sculpt the entirety of the collection. Leather Jackets, peplums, baggy pants, and sweaters tied around the waist also strutted down the runway. Louis Vuitton brought a sense of unpredictable styling down Paris Runway that Gen Z will follow. 

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