The message was straightforward-the old Celine was back. Hedi Slimane shocked everyone at the Spring show last season when the models came onto the runway dressed in a new Celine, one that was more reminiscent of Slimane’s rebellious, punk rock Saint Laurent than anything Celine would ever put its name on.

The Celine Fall 2019 Ready to Wear show in Paris was one to be remembered. Though the runway photos don’t capture it, the show started with a model standing in a box, mirrors on all sides. It hung high above the runway, then slowly made its descent down to the floor. The model, clad in the Celine we all know, represented the traditional Parisienne bourgeois woman. She wore a knee length pleated, belted skirt, white silk blouse, black blazer, and knee length boots, finished with aviators, a shoulder bag and knee length boots-a staple of the show.

As usual, at last week's show, all the required accessories were there. The Celine logo shoulder bag. Horse-bit belt. Aviator glasses. We saw other designers toy with bourgeois themes this runway season, but Slimane proved that no one knows bourgeois quite like Celine.


This show is the new uprising of the Parisian chic, one that is much appreciated in this day and age. In famous Hedi Slimane fashion, he sends a message of “take it or leave it”. Judging from the worldwide awe and the clear Parisienne inspiration seen all over the runway this season, the world is now obsessed with French bourgeois chic.