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Louis Vuitton's new artistic director Virgil Abloh is redefining a new era. Not only has he displayed momentous modern leaps through a hybridization of the brand's previous style, he is also the first designer of color to hold such a prominent position. Although Abloh was not classically educated in fashion, he has consistently demonstrated a unique perspective for a youthful global approach through his own label, Off-White.

The humble artist aims to portray the dazzling American Dream in his work- taking to Instagram to write to his fans that "You can do it too." But how exactly did he reinvent the brand in such an iconic, show-stopping way?

He revealed his initial concept behind the LV show in an interview- the idea of white light being reflected through a prism and outwardly projecting colors. The looks demonstrated this by using all the colors of the rainbow, centering on white basics while incorporating bold hues of red, purple, yellow, teal, you name it. Abloh entitled this the Color Theory Collection and it included sharp blazers and loose hip-hop-esque trousers, overlapped by minimalist vests with pockets galore. Louis Vuitton is renowned, of course, for its accessories. Abloh reimagined the timeless, classic bag with intriguing materials and shapes that ranged from a relaxed glittery plastic tote to a boxy, trunk-like interpretation. 

Similarly monumental were the models and attendees present at the show. Modeling the new collection were individuals from every single continent, besides Antarctica, which aimed to represent a wide range of race and further the brand's global approach. Among the guests were the artistic director's emotional parents, celebrities from all around the world, and of course Kanye West, Abloh's beloved mentor. He also invited thousands of art students who otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend- a demonstration of his honest and humble intentions which culminated in the finale: a tearful, proud embrace with Kanye.

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