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By Norhan Zouak

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Decedent and dripped in diamonds, Zendaya and Anne Hathaway dazzle and dance in Bulgari’s latest campaign entitled Unexpected Wonders. The two are featured in a two-and-a-half-minute video released on social media on May 24, parading around a stunning palazzo and prancing amongst cascading flowers.


Newly appointed ambassador Hathaway embellishes in emerald as she dons pieces primarily from the Serpenti collection, as well as a few from the Divas’ Dream collection. She made her debut for Bulgari at the Cannes Film Festival a week prior to the campaign release, complementing her sequined white Armani Privé dress with the Mediterranean Reverie necklace and sapphire ring to showcase the brand’s new Eden the Garden of Wonders high jewelry collection.


Meanwhile, the campaign features Zendaya adorning a variety of pieces the B.zero1 and BB collections. The Emmy Award winner has worked with the brand since New York Fashion Week in February 2020. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, CEO Jean-Christophe Babin explained “Zendaya is epitomizing the Generation-Z Spirit” and thus is “evidence of the diversity of Bulgari”.


Though Zendaya and Hathaway are the only ones featured in the video, the campaign also includes other brand ambassadors like BLACKPINK’s Lalisa Manobal—professionally known as Lisa—, former Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra-Jones, and Chinese actress Shu Qi.


Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino directed this short in Rome—where the luxury brand was founded. From the decadent marble interior to the enchanting views from the balcony to the lush gardens, Sorrentino was sure to capture the elegance of the city that serves as a major inspiration behind many Bulgari designs.


As the music changes from a crescendoing string duo to a soft piano to a buoyant beat, the two ambassadors narrate alternatingly and convey the message of finding joy in the littlest things and appreciating the unassuming. The short ends as Zendaya and Hathaway embrace the sweeping views from the balcony and as the music comes to a brief halt to say: “To discover unexpected wonders.”

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