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The Chanel 2019 Cruise Fashion Show took sail at the Grand Palais in Paris, where Karl managed to amaze us yet again with quite a show.

A surrealistic vision of a 100-meter boat in the middle of the Grand Palais left the audience speechless as the show started. From lights that resembled ocean waves, to a magical starred night sky, to steam coming out of the boat and seagull noises in the background, Karl took the audience on board to what may be his biggest show yet. The enormous prop ship was named La Pausa, after Coco Chanel’s summer Villa in the South of France. Chanel herself was involved in the design of the house, which was built in 1928 and was inspired by the Cistercian convent orphanage in which she grew up. Villa La Pausa is now considered a historic place.


Some of the front-row guests included celebrities and Chanel Ambassadors Lily-Rose Depp, Margot Robbie, and Kristen Stewart. All three of them looked radiant in their dazzling Chanel outfits.


Walking around La Pausa, we saw young, fresh looking models which included the Hadid sisters, rocking a heavy-winged eyeliner look and some tres-chic, classic Chanel looks, yet incorporating some modern-edge ones that gave a daring spin to the collection.

With an air of the 80’s, which is the year Lagerfeld started designing for Chanel, the collection had it all: Big Shoulders. Black and White. Pastels. Stripes. Big, layered pearl necklaces. White flats and sneakers. Tres-Pariesienne berets. From very feminine skirts and dresses to pantsuits, and a few all denim looks, the collection promises to be a hit of the season.


At the end of the show, models boarded the Chanel ship alongside Captain Karl for the grand finale, and La Pausa became an afterparty boat where Karl, models, and guests mingled a la French Riviera style.

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