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Marc Jacobs NYFW 2018

80s Extravaganza: Go Big or Go Home

     With bright colors, dramatic volume, and bold shapes, Marc Jacobs stole the show during NYFW 2018. With a show filled with fun, yet dramatic looks, the designer made us feel a bit of nostalgia and took us back to the fabulous 80s.

     Go big or go home:  Big, bold shoulders and sleeves. Heavy fabrics. Oversize coats, dresses, and skirts. Big scarves, large neck bows. These were all major keys to the mood of the collection. If the clothes and accessories themselves were not already enough, models’ hair was dyed to match their outfits, which added even more drama and made a yet stronger statement on the runway.

     To add some balance and contrast, the show did not leave behind the classic, more delicate, feminine look: tighter dresses accentuating the waist. Even on these looks, though, the bold shoulders and heavy fabrics were still key elements that “made” these looks different. A lot of women still prefer the more traditional figure-enhancing look, so adding these pieces was definitely genius in order to target a wide range of tastes and styles in women all over the industry.

     This mix of shapes and colors was quite the show, bringing back a style that was thought gone after the era of skin-tight dresses, skinny jeans and crop-tops. Mixing the 80s vibes with chic, contemporary styles, Marc Jacobs left the audience with a lot to talk about this NYFW.

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